WIDE @ Matrix

Writing in Digital Environments (WIDE) Research  is a research area operating within the context of MATRIX. WIDE’s maintains its historical focus on creating new knowledge about digital communication, and we remain committed to results that have impact via academic literatures and via more public outcomes, such as events, performances, and software.

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In 2013-2014, WIDE will focus on “unprofessional writing.” That is, we believe the present moment and the near future are marked by the “unprofessional”: makers, hackers, groups, communities, and robots. The asymmetrical is more relevant than the symmetrical, the informal more than the formal.

As always, WIDE is committed to creating new knowledge, preparing new generations of researchers and leaders, and so impacting the world. We will express that mission via our focus on the unprofessional.

Signature and recent projects include:


To learn more about WIDE, contact the following WIDE associates for more information:

Liza Potts
WIDE Senior Researcher

Bill Hart-Davidson
WIDE Senior Researcher

Jeff Grabill
WIDE Senior Researcher