Quilt Index

The Quilt Index research and reference tool provides unprecedented access to
information and images about quilts held in private and public hands.

This repository aims to be a central resource that incorporates a wide
variety of sources and information on quilts, quiltmakers and quiltmaking.

This will include:

  • images and information on privately held quilts compiled by state and regional quilt documentation projects in the United States and internationally;
  • images and information on quilts in museums, libraries, and private collections;
  • images and information on quilt-related ephemera;
  • lesson plans, online exhibits, journals and essays;
  • bibliographies of secondary materials relevant to quilt study; and
  • finding aids developed to assist researchers with locating hard-to-find quilt-related primary and secondary materials in public collections.

The Quilt Index currently features images and information on thousands of
quilts provided by contributors from documentation projects, museums,
libraries, and private collections.

The Quilt Index represents years of research and development to bring
together quilt information in a centralized online tool for education,
research, and public access. The Quilt Index was conceived and developed by
The Alliance for American Quilts in partnership with Michigan State
University's MATRIX: Center for Humane Arts, Letters and Social Sciences
Online and the Michigan State University Museum. The project has been
supported in part by major grants from the National Endowment for the
Humanities and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.