Archive 2.0: Transforming the Warren-Chamberlain Samaritan Collection at MSU
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Bill Hart-Davidson, Michigan State University
Jim Ridolfo, University of Kentucky
Mike McLeod, University of Washington


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National Endowment for the Humanities

Samaritan Archive 2.0 explores the benefits and challenges of pursuing a community-centered design approach for digital archives, a process the WIDE team termed "archive 2.0.” The goal was to take the E.K. Warrant collection of Samaritan text, scrolls, and artifacts housed at Michigan State University and create a digital archive from them that would meet the needs and goals of non-archivist stakeholder communities— including members of the 712-person Israelite Samaritan community located in Holon, Israel and the West Bank, Palestinian Authority, as well as biblical scholars from Michigan State University. Samaritan Archive 2.0 started by digitizing select passages from three fifteenth-century Samaritan Pentateuchs and adding them to a re-theorized online archive.

This “re-theorized” archive— as the name “Archive 2.0” suggests —used both the technologies and expanded opportunities for user interaction associated with Web 2.0. Instead of simply adding the technological affordances of Web 2.0 to a traditional archive, the team utilized those capacities and affordances to rethink the very nature of what an archive is and what an archive does. Out of their research and practice came an understanding of what archives in a participation-driven web should look like: ideas which centered around community-oriented and community-informed design, interdisciplinary collaboration, use of archives to build relationships, and plans for a sustainable metadata ecology. To learn more about the Archives 2.0 project, read their white paper (available here) or visit the project site.


NEH Whitepaper
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Publication: Balancing Stakeholder Needs: Archive 2.0 As Community-Centered Design
Publication:  Archive 2.0: Imagining The Michigan State University Israelite Samaritan Scroll Collection as the Foundation for a Thriving Social Network
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