Steve Cohen

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Steve M Cohen

Research Professor

Professor Steve Cohen is a cognitive psychologist specializing in assessment of media and technology-based learning environments. He is currently at Michigan State University, doing research and assessment on the design and use of technologies for the social sciences and humanities. Over the past five years he has directed assessments for a range of projects, including NSF/JISC-funded digital libraries, several Teaching American History Grants, and an NEH-funded curriculum project for graduate study in archival and preservation sciences.

He recently spoke at the American Historical Association on how learning technologies can help students carefully select, attend to and cite sources in their research papers. Currently, Dr. Cohen is working as the evaluator on several projects, including a University of Kentucky Distance Learning Outcomes Assessment, and an NEH grant on a designing and a testing a virtual lab for teaching preservation and access. When Dr. Cohen is not working on learning technologies he enjoys spending time with his wife, two children and two dogs at their cabin in Maine.

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