matrixinternAs part of MATRIX's larger commitment to building capacity amongst the next generation of digital humanities researchers and practitioners, we offer a number of internship experiences that are designed to engage students in the day-to-day operations of a digital humanities center and to equip them with the tools, competencies, and methodologies needed to carry out this type of work post-graduation. These internships are available to  a wide number of students both undergraduate and graduate, as well as non-MSU students. MATRIX works with institutions, organizations, and departments to determine the parameters of every internship so that each experience is uniquely tailored to meet the learning goals and objectives of the student. If you're interested in working with MATRIX, we would encourage you to browse our Student Opportunities page for more details and look at which aspects of MATRIX's mission or Featured Projects most interest you. After you've done this, feel free to get in contact with one of MATRIX's associates to discuss the type of internship you would like to have and we will work with you from there to negotiate the process.

For more questions on internships and other student experiences at MATRIX, contact Ethan Watrall, MATRIX Associate Director, at