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Afripod’s 100th Episode

14 April on Africa, Announcements, Podcast   Tags:

Africa Past and Present, also known as Afripod, has reached a major milestone by recording its 100th episode.

The podcast was developed by Peter Alegi and Peter Limb in collaboration with the MSU Department of History in 2008. The goal was to broaden the availability of cutting-edge African scholarship and research by interviewing African scholars, politicians, and other prominent people in the African community. Afripod explores modern African events that help others to understand African issues and experiences.

Peter Alegi in the studio recording Africa Past and Present.

Host Peter Alegi in the studio recording Africa Past and Present.

Through this unique podcast, Alegi and Limb have explored a rich diversity of topics ranging from slavery, colonialism, and apartheid to poetry, cartoons, football, and pirates. According to Limb, “Over the course of its history, Africa Past and Present has made a significant contribution to African studies by regularly showcasing the ideas of leading scholars of Africa. It has also featured some remarkable African human rights activists.”

The podcast has grown tremendously since its humble beginnings in 2008, when Alegi and Limb used to record interviews in a study room in the MSU Library. In those days, Africa Past and Present only reached a few hundred, mostly North American listeners. “Today,” Alegi said, “we record most interviews in a professional-quality studio in [the] Old Horticulture [building]. The podcast’s website received 1,324,000 hits last year, and every month roughly 10,000 listeners in 131 countries lend us their ears.”

Africa Past and Present host Peter Limb laughs during a recording of the podcast.

With eight years already under their belts, Alegi and Limb are proud of the podcast’s past and look forward to its future. “No academic is an island,” said Alegi, “The Africa Past and Present podcast has survived eight years thanks to the contributions of so many people and partners. It’s been great working with my friend and colleague, Peter Limb, and rewarding to interview so many wonderful experts and activists, often with MSU colleagues as guest hosts.

Limb agreed with his co-host wholeheartedly, “Co-hosting this innovative online podcast series about Africa with Peter Alegi and with the support of the Matrix team and MSU History Department has been enormously satisfying in terms of communicating cutting-edge ideas from and about Africa to an ever-wider audience.”

Check out the episode here: http://afripod.aodl.org/2016/04/afripod-100/

By: Katie Susko
Photographs by Jackie Belden Hawthorne