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Afripod Episode 98: City of Thorns—Inside the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

22 February on Africa, Announcements, Podcast   Tags:

The latest podcast from Africa Past & Present (Afripod), 'City of Thorns—Inside the World's Largest Refugee Camp', is now available. In this episode, Afripod hosts Peter Alegi and Peter Limb speak with Ben Rawlence, the author of the Macmillan-published novel, City of Thorns. Rawlence talks about his work in Dadaab, Kenya, and the daily struggles, lives, and relationships of Somali refugees. The hosts also discuss opportunities for peace in Somalia and the dimensions of the conflicts in the country.

Take a listen to the episode and previous Afripod podcasts at http://afripod.aodl.org/.