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Afripod Episode 92: ‘Football, Power, and Identity in Zambia’

22 May on Africa, History, Multimedia & Digital Archives, Podcast  

Episode 92, 'Football, Power, and Identity in Zambia', the latest podcast from Africa Past & Present, is now available. Released on May 21, Afripod hosts Peter Alegi and Peter Limb welcomed Hikabwa Decius Chipande (PhD 2015 Michigan State). Hikabwa Decius Chipande spoke about the political and social history of football (soccer) in Zambia. He discusses becoming an historian; the game’s relationship with British colonizers, the copper mines, and postcolonial governments; and the archival research and oral interviewing process. Chipande concludes with insights from his extensive experience with sport development in Africa.

Take a listen to this episode and previous Afripod podcasts at http://afripod.aodl.org/.