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2015 Midwest Archives Conference

13 May on Announcements, Conferences  

From May 6-9, nearly 1,000 archivists and scholars from the Midwest and beyond traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to attend the 2015 Midwest Archives Conference (MAC). Founded in 1972, the MAC is now one of the largest regional professional associations for archivists. Representing Matrix and Michigan State University was Catherine Foley, Director of Digital Library and Archive Projects.

Foley presented an interactive map interface from the MSU Vietnam Group Archive, the digital repository of approximately 90,000 pages of digitized documents, images, and maps. The Vietnam Group Archive contains valuable information regarding the politics, economy, and society in South Vietnam during the critical decade from the country’s formation in 1954 to the intensification of the Vietnam War in the mid-1960s. The archive also provides insight into the widespread controversy generated by Michigan State University’s initiation and programming of numerous US-funded technical assistance programs in South Vietnam for the purpose of producing a stable non-Communist ally in Southeast Asia.

The development of the MSU Vietnam Group Archive’s map relied on heavy collaboration between developers and a test group of sample users. Using a historic map of South Vietnam, the map’s interactive interface offers access to over 4,000 artifacts. While the map offers access to over 4,000 artifacts, users can easily manipulate the search results of archived data through date, original artifact format, province, and country filters.

The MSU Vietnam Group Archive is a collaborative project among Matrix: The Center for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, MSU's University Archives & Historical Collections and the Department of History. Funding comes from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Explore the map yourself by visiting http://vietnamproject.archives.msu.edu/map.php.