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KORA 2.6 Released

20 March on Announcements  

MATRIX is pleased to announce the release of KORA 2.6. Created and managed by MATRIX, KORA: The Digital Repository and Publishing Platform is the open-source, database-driven, content management system utilized to organize and exhibit multimedia objects, like text, images, audio, and video, for projects and research within the social sciences and digital humanities.

The release of KORA 2.6 introduces new features and enhancements for organizing, hosting, and managing large quantities of metadata. Under the direction of Anthony Donofrio, Lead KORA Developer, and Seila Gonzalez Estrecha, Director of Programming, and with the assistance of MATRIX staff members, KORA 2.6 augments the research and education value surrounding current and future collections of data.

The most significant new feature is the availability of quick jump links for projects and schemes. These links, with stronger browser support, are now more intuitive than ever before. KORA 2.6 also features numerous modifications and fixes to ensure easier, more efficient use.

Relied on by researchers and scholars for content management of multimedia objects within the social sciences and digital humanities, KORA’s designs remain grounded in best practices for metadata creation and management. Its adaptable architecture offers users an effective way to organize, store, access, and use digital data. If you are interested in using KORA for your own content management needs, we encourage you to contact us for additional information and assistance in making KORA an efficient tool for your project.