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Ethan Watrall @ Umea 

Ethan Watrall Gives Seminar on Digital Cultural Heritage and Introduces The Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative at Umeå University in Sweden

03 December on Announcements, Cultural Heritage Informatics, Cultural Informatics  

Last month, Ethan Watrall, Associate Director of Matrix, spoke at the HUMLab at Umea University in Umea, Sweden. Watrall’s seminar “Methods and Models for Building Capacity in Digital Cultural Heritage” introduced the Cultural Heritage Informatics (CHI) Initiative. Watrall discussed the deeply collaborative, applied, and interdisciplinary nature of the Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative, while situating the CHI Initiative within the broader ecosystem of teaching and training initiatives in the digital humanities and cultural heritage.

“Cultural heritage is entering a new age in which information, computing, and communication technology is having an unavoidable impact on research, teaching, outreaching, and all aspects of scholarly communication,” Watrall explained.

Ethan @ Umea

Ethan presenting at Umea University in Sweden

The CHI Initiative is a platform to encourage and support interdisciplinary collaboration among scholars in the domain of digital culture heritage at Michigan State University. It strives to foster interdisciplinary scholarly collaboration and build capacity among cultural heritage students.It prepares students to enter the professional world with the CHI Graduate Fellowship program. Each year, Watrall intakes seven to nine graduate students, usually with majors in anthropology, history, or cultural heritage. The fellows are exposed to traditional lectures, along with hands-on experience with JavaScript, mapping services, peer tutorials and more.

“At the end of the fellowship, these graduate students are equipped with the practical and analytical skills necessary to creatively apply information, communication, and computing technologies to cultural heritage materials and questions,” Watrall added.

To watch Watrall's talk, click here.