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GradHacker Podcast Focuses on Graduate Student Training and #altac Careers

12 March on Podcast  

The newest episode of the GradHacker podcast, hosted by Alex Galarza, is now available online at podcast.gradhacker.org. The episode begins with conversations between Alex Galarza, Andrea Zellner, and Ben Sawyer as they discuss issues common to the graduate community, such as: common defense errors and preparation processes; responding to aggressive students who protest grades; and graduate school "imposter syndrome."

The second half of the interview contains discussions between Jason Heppler, Miriam Posner, and Tim Carmody. The conversation begins with a conversation about #altac, or alternative academic careers, and what the #altac community looks like. The participants also discussed new methodologies for training graduate students and how those new training programs should be implemented.

MATRIX is pleased to continue to support the work of GradHacker and its commitment to discussing themes and concerns within the graduate school community. We encourage you to browse through this most recent podcast as well as the thriving GradHacker blog.