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Vietnam Project Archive Receives Attention from the Lansing State Journal

21 February on Digitization, Project Highlights  

The Lansing State Journal recently posted an article entitled MSU, the CIA— and Vietnam. This article contains portions of interviews with the primary investigators for the MSU Group Vietnam Project Archive, a digital preservation and access collaboration between the University Archives & Historical Collections at MSU and MATRIX. This project, which has received significant NEH funding, seeks to digitize and make available online a number of primary source documents, photographs, and maps which detail a Michigan State University nation-building program in South Vietnam from 1955-1962. MSU worked with the American government in South Vietnam for the purpose of producing a stable, non-Communist country in the Cold War era. Although their efforts eventually failed, the MSU Vietnam Group Archive project contains rare and valuable data about life in South Vietnam immediately prior to the Vietnam War. MATRIX is working with the University Archives & Historical Collections to digitize and archive these primary source materials and their accompanying metadata using KORA, an open-sourced, browser-based digital repository developed by MATRIX. To learn more about the project, browse this description of the archives or an older blogpost by MATRIX which introduces the project.