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New Episode of Africa Past & Present Focuses on Gender and Power in Nigeria

24 September on Podcast  

Episode 65 of Africa Past & Present was released September 6th. In this episode, hosts Peter Alegi and Peter Limb interview MSU colleague Nwando Achebe. Achebe talks at length about the history of a female king of northern Igboland, Nigeria, Ahebi Ugbabe, and discusses other aspects about Igbo gender, culture, and power during British colonial rule. Throughout the discussion Achebe also reflects on the value of oral history and multidisciplinary research methods.

Feel free to listen to and download the episode in its entirety from the Afripod website or from iTunes. We also encourage you to visit the Afripod site to browse past episodes and to learn more about the Afripod project. Africa Past & Present is a podcast about African history, culture, and politics produced by MATRIX in conjunction with the MSU Department of History.