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Watrall to Share Ideas and Discuss KORA at Australian Archaeological Information Management Workshop

10 August on Archaeology  

On Sunday, August 12th, Ethan Watrall travels to Australia to participate in a workshop that will discuss and analyze the present state of archaeological information management in Australia. This workshop, which is being hosted by the University of New South Wales is part of the Federated Archaeological Information Management System (FAIMS) project and is funded by an initiative of the Australian government to build new infrastructure for Australian researchers.

The workshop spans four days and will explore issues in mobile applications, archeological data and data standards, sensitive data, data federation, sustainability strategies, and the analysis, processing, and visualization of archeological data. Watrall will present in a plenary session on online repositories. That session will investigate different strategies for designing and building online repositories and how existing repositories meet various needs and accomplish various goals. Specifically, Watrall will discuss KORA— the open-source, database-driven, digital repository platform created by MATRIX— and its advantages as an archiving tool.

In addition to discussing KORA, Watrall will offer feedback and advice as Australia seeks to build an infrastructure for archeological metadata. Feel free to investigate more about the workshop, the FAIMS initiative, and KORA itself.