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MATRIX Developers Participate in Lansing Give Camp 2011

27 March on Conferences, New Web Technologies   Tags: , , ,

MATRIX developers participated for the second year this weekend at Lansing Give Camp, held at Impression 5 Science Center in Lansing, MI.  Give Camp is a great event put on to connect local web developers with non-profit groups who need assistance developing their websites and enhancing their ability to conduct various aspects of their daily operations.  In total over 100 developers participated with 13 non-profit groups.  A conservative estimate of over $100,000 of work was donated by the coders taking the time to give back.

The weekend was filled with coding with technologies for the MATRIX developers such as Ruby, HAML, CSS, and Sinatra, as well as development techniques such as test driven development and behavior driven development.  The developers were also exposed to GIT, a decentralized versioning control system that is very popular currently in the open source community.  Events such as this allow the developers at MATRIX to network with great people as well as learn new technologies that they can then apply in their daily work.  The group included Matt Geimer, CTO of MATRIX, and a special thanks goes out to the MATRIX developers who participated:

  • Chelsea Carr
  • Sarah Godoshian
  • Lisa Kelly
  • Cassi Miller
  • Tim Miller
  • Madalyn Parker

A very special thanks goes to the generous event sponsors and organizers as well - it wouldn't be possible without them!  Thanks for the great swag and prizes that were offered up (and some wonderful dev tools were won by MATRIX folks)!