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iSchool Intern Works on Video Preservation at MATRIX

25 January on Multimedia & Digital Archives  

Jesse Johnston, master’s degree student at the School of Information at the University of Michigan, is collaborating with Catherine Foley, MATRIX Digital Librarian, to finalize videotape preservation policies and documentation for the American Black Journal archive.

Screenshot of American Black Journal Online ArchiveAmerican Black Journal went on the air in 1968 as a televised public forum for black citizens during an historic moment of racial turmoil across the United States.  Detroit Public Television (DPTV) has broadcast the program continuously since then.  As a result the ABJ video collection represents one of the most extensive audio-visual records of local African American culture and history in existence.

Since 2000, DPTV and MATRIX have worked together to catalog, provide access to, and preserve the American Black Journal videotape collection.  Toward these goals and in fulfillment of a National Endowment for the Humanities Preservation and Access grant, Johnston and Foley are describing current videotape preservation and access practices at MATRIX and defining a preservation framework for the ABJ digital video collection.